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Death Is Not the End: Understanding the Transition Between Lives

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Death Is Not the End: Understanding the Transition Between Lives
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Do you wonder what happens to your consciousness after your body dies? 

Are you hoping for or believing in an afterlife, but just aren’t sure? 

Would you prefer more evidence that leads beyond religion, mediums, or blind faith? 

Inside you’ll discover
—research that suggests consciousness exists outside the human brain and body;
—insights out-of-body and near-death experiences can provide;
—how we continue to live after physical death and what to expect; 
—the three types of “deaths” (or deactivations) and how they affect our awareness; 
—how we spend the period between lives and the importance of a life mission; and
—ways to come to peace with leaving this life and letting family, friends, or partners go.

Navigating this difficult phase in your life and being able to help your loved ones transition can be challenging. We all have to go through it and this book will assist you!

“If you’re curious about exploring life’s most existential questions and what research is available in this field, perhaps because you had to face a serious illness, an accident, the passing of someone close to you, or harbor any fear of dying, this book is for you” (Luis Minero, author of Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience).

“Personally, I have walked out-of-body in the afterlife, traveling well beyond the horizon of our perceived physical reality during my own near-death experience. So I know that the concepts of OBE and NDE are valid. I welcome this new model and will use it in my work” (Alan R. Hugenot, PhD, author of The Death Experience: What it is like when you die).